Are you looking forward to the vacation and the opportunity to finally escape to the sea? Let’s look at the current beach trends 2018!

Swimsuits with fringe

Swimsuits with fridge will add dynamics to the image and with their help, it is possible to model a figure well and hide undesirable disadvantages. For example, such swimsuits will look good on the figures type “Rectangle” because they allow them to visually emphasize the waist, adding volume to the top and bottom of the figure. For women with a small breast: swimsuit with a fringe in the top part will help to make it visually bigger.


Also fringe will hide your tummy or full legs, which is suitable for a figure of type “Apple”:


Swimsuits with stripes


Sports swimwear and swimwear with logo

If you are a sports girl, then you might like a swimsuit in a fashionable sports style.


Swimsuits with tropical and floral prints

If you prefer swimwear in a romantic style, you can wear a trendy floral print.


Swimsuits with sequins and paillettes

For the bravest and extravagant girls will fit fashionable shiny swimsuits.


Asymmetrical swimsuits

Asymmetric swimsuits are also very fashionable and often decorated with flounces. They will suit girls with broad shoulders or small breasts since with the help you can shrink your shoulders and increase your breasts volume.


Swimwear in retro style

Such swimsuits have a high waist and can hide the tummy.


Closed swimsuits

The trend of 2018 is closed swimsuits, even with long sleeves. Open sexy swimsuits are no longer in fashion.


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