Boiled Denim

In the name of the safety of fashionistas, the designers presented so many different variations of boiled clothes in their Spring / Summer 2019 collections so that they wouldn’t have to touch the corrosive chemicals! Fashion has become more accessible, which means looking for the cherished pair of jeans, as women of the 80s did, and spending hours at the pan to get a unique (and literally one of a kind) pattern on denim will not be necessary. We choose jackets with blurry patterns, bleached jeans and overalls with intricate patterns – and the more contrast, the better.


In the Spring / Summer 2019 season, there will be a place for romantic moods. Pleating returned to the runways, and in its most varied manifestations. Naturally, it will not do without airy pleated midi length skirts, but it will look much more effective on various tops or upper parts of dresses. For example, in the Valentino collection, the pleated face resembles a shell or an open fan, and Claire Waite Keller from Givenchy has invented to make a kind of “wing” out of it. Well … interesting ideas, we adopt!


Anyone who has complained about the old-fashioned and naphthalene openwork weaving will be able to verify its relevance in the summer season of 2019: the crocheting technique does not leave the runways for the third season and now seems to be making roots in for a long time. Therefore, we obtain school textbooks on labour from the old library and we crochet topical dresses with intricate patterns, vests with fringe or light capes from large patches!

Black lace and mesh

Translucent black lace dresses will for sure appeal to those who are fed up with or do not really like the Crochet technique. We still cannot go without the latter for Spring / Summer 2019 season: knitted outfits and accessories remain at the peak of popularity. However, for needlewomen the maximum room for creativity is now opened – fine lace and mesh here will definitely be great helpers.

The main fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2019:

Fashionable colours of the Spring-Summer 2019

Citrus Shades

Blue Princess


Soft Pastel


Natural Chic

Three things in one

Dance aesthetics

Normandy Life

Dresses from scarfs


Mixed Prints


Dress “Mallet”


Costume with shorts

Extreme Mini

Shell Shape


Bicycle Shorts

Patch Pockets

Puffy Sleeves

Sharp Shoulders

Cargo Pants


Bermuda Pants

Trousers with slots


Transparent Fabrics





Peas / Polka Dot

Small Strip


Creative Prints


Contrast Line

Monochrome Graphics

Original Design Shoes

Transparent Shoes

Fancy Heel

Micro Bags


Lush Bows

Decorative Chains




Makeup in Orange Tones

Brown Lipstick

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