Asymmetry is a trend that will not lose its relevance in the Spring / Summer 2019 season. Dresses with asymmetry of the top will be in fashion – one shoulder is completely opened, the other is closed by a sleeve, as in models from Blumarine, David Koma and Max Mara. Imbalances also appeared at the bottom of the outfit – bevelled to the sideline with buttons and an asymmetric cut of the skirt. An interesting combination is obtained if we combine asymmetry with waves. Ruffles can run along the sleeve, the bottom of the skirt, or along the edge of the neckline.

Bicycle Shorts

Many have already played enough with them the previous spring (for example, Kim Kardashian), but this was not enough for designers – the voice of the streets again breaks onto the runways. Therefore, with a clear conscience, we experiment with bicycle shorts in the spring-summer season of 2019, mixing them not only with oversight jackets (a combination that has already become canonic) but also with feminine evening dresses, as was done to Blumarine.

Patch Pockets

Good news for those who do not like to carry bags – in the Spring / Summer 2019 season, clothing with patch pockets will be everywhere. For the first time, this trend appeared in the 1960s, after Yves Saint Laurent put the whole world in love with the safari style, which the second appearance had already happened in the 1990s when mobile devices began to appear and had to be carried in somewhere. Patch pockets of the sample of 2019 look no less impressive, and there is no difficulty in choosing your own version – they appeared in the teams of Sacai, Marine Serre and Dries Van Noten.

Puffy Sleeves

The allusion to the Victorian style in the Spring-Summer season of 2019 was expressed by lush sleeves: such decorate cotton summer dresses and intricate shirts with frill and ruffles. The additional volume in the shoulders here only emphasizes femininity and is not at all dissonant with fitted dresses – unlike, for example, hypertrophied masculine jackets.

Sharp Shoulders

Fantasies about masculine clothing in women’s wardrobe were now expressed in the silhouette of an “inverted triangle” – by the way, also borrowed from the fashionable women of the 80s. In the Spring / Summer of the 2019 season, many brands offer a wide selection of volumetric fitted jackets, but the shoulder line has increased since last season. It seems worth remembering the lessons of algebra and choosing a wardrobe with the help of a protractor: the sharper the angle, the trendier your jacket will be!

The main fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2019:

Fashionable colours of the Spring-Summer 2019

Citrus Shades

Blue Princess


Soft Pastel


Natural Chic

Three things in one

Dance aesthetics

Normandy Life

Dresses from scarfs


Mixed Prints


Dress “Mallet”


Costume with shorts

Extreme Mini

Shell Shape

Cargo Pants


Bermuda Pants

Trousers with slots


Boiled Denim



Black lace and mesh

Transparent Fabrics





Peas / Polka Dot

Small Strip


Creative Prints


Contrast Line

Monochrome Graphics

Original Design Shoes

Transparent Shoes

Fancy Heel

Micro Bags


Lush Bows

Decorative Chains




Makeup in Orange Tones

Brown Lipstick

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