Dress “Mallet”

Andrew Gn, Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli and many other famous designers decided to revive interest to cascading dresses type “Mallet”. Models with a short skirt on front and a long cascade on the back will become the real trend of Spring/Summer 2019 season!

But, dress “Mallet” has a very complex character. Girls of a smaller height should better avoid wearing a fluffy skirt, and plump ones better chose a design with a longer front skirt.


The trend for functionality is maintained in the warm Spring-Summer 2019 season and overalls. Fashion brands offer them as an alternative to dresses when you need to choose just one thing. In Edie Sliman’s debut collection for Celine, they have a predictable rock and roll mood, Stella McCartney is reminiscent of a working uniform, and Louis Vuitton perfectly rhymes with lush blouses.

Costume with shorts

In the Spring and Summer of 2019 designers Roberto Cavalli, Hermes, Dion Lee propose to shorten the pantsuit many fashionistas love – at the expense of the “bottom”. Instead of pants, they offer shorts, but not short, but mid-thigh length. Bermuda is also suitable. But Michael Kors offers a fairly frank version of the suit with shorts, especially for brave girls!

Extreme Mini

And again, among the trends of the season is an ultrashort mini. In the Spring-Summer season in 2019, designers offer to try not only mini dresses and skirts but also extremely short shorts.

Shell Shape

The shell-shaped cut is one of the most original and fresh trends in the Spring-Summer of 2019. Balmain, Gucci and Valentino presented unusual models with puffed sleeves-shells. According to fashion critics, this form of sleeves will be the trendiest one in the warm season. The corrugated effect is obtained by plisse and large folds on the shoulders. “Shell” will not only look fashionable but also help to “smooth out” angular, broad shoulders. If you are not ready for such non-standard experiments, you should pay attention to the shape of fashionable bags for this season. Many of them exactly imitate the surface of a shell.

The main fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2019:

Fashionable colours of the Spring-Summer 2019

Citrus Shades

Blue Princess


Soft Pastel


Natural Chic

Three things in one

Dance aesthetics

Normandy Life

Dresses from scarfs


Mixed Prints



Bicycle Shorts

Patch Pockets

Puffy Sleeves

Sharp Shoulders

Cargo Pants


Bermuda Pants

Trousers with slots


Boiled Denim



Black lace and mesh

Transparent Fabrics





Peas / Polka Dot

Small Strip


Creative Prints


Contrast Line

Monochrome Graphics

Original Design Shoes

Transparent Shoes

Fancy Heel

Micro Bags


Lush Bows

Decorative Chains




Makeup in Orange Tones

Brown Lipstick

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