Soft Pastel

Spring and summer is the time of soft colours and inconspicuous colour combinations. Lavender, powdery, beige, blue and purple combined with the minimalism of the cut fills the Spring / Summer 2019 season with romantic flair of new victories on all desired fronts.


Pure and the brightest, despite its monochrome origin, in this colour not everyone will dare to appear even during summer. Designers advise dressing in cotton shirts, classic suits and silk combinations in white, without fear of undesirable comparisons with brides. Fortunately, a rich palette of shades – from a creamy and pearl white to a blinding white-hot eye – will allow you to choose your perfect “new black”.

Natural Chic

No wonder they say that the main trend of modern fashion is its diversity. But, while some designers romp around the world in search of new ideas and non-standard solutions, others suggest collecting wardrobe in neutral beige tones, relying on natural chic, which, as we know, lies in simplicity and naturalness. The second group includes the Burberry, Max Mara, Gil Sander, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tibi brands.

Three things in one

Much has already been said about multi-layering. This trend is certainly very interesting, but at the same time, it is a real test for those who are afraid or shy to combine things in non-standard ways. If you are not confident in your abilities, or consider that a warm sweater is not to be combined with thin T-shirts that look out from under it, or are completely donned over it, this fashion trend is for you! Designers thought through everything and in their collections for Spring / Summer 2019 season offer ready-made versions of their ideas, already having sown the clothing details, while maintaining the effect of a multi-layered image!

Dance aesthetics

To get inspiration for the fashion season Spring-Summer 2019 it is better to go to Main Theatre: meters of tulle, light ballet shoes with ribbons, tied around ankles, weightless packs and tight-fitting leggings have gradually transferred from runways to wardrobes of those who are not anyhow related to dance. If the ballet is not your strong side, look closer at tango or flamenco: “equipping” of passionate dancers is not less expressive than the airy outfits of fragile ballerinas.

The main fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2019:

Fashionable colours of the Spring-Summer 2019

Citrus Shades

Blue Princess


Normandy Life

Dresses from scarfs


Mixed Prints


Dress “Mallet”


Costume with shorts

Extreme Mini

Shell Shape


Bicycle Shorts

Patch Pockets

Puffy Sleeves

Sharp Shoulders

Cargo Pants


Bermuda Pants

Trousers with slots


Boiled Denim



Black lace and mesh

Transparent Fabrics





Peas / Polka Dot

Small Strip


Creative Prints


Contrast Line

Monochrome Graphics

Original Design Shoes

Transparent Shoes

Fancy Heel

Micro Bags


Lush Bows

Decorative Chains




Makeup in Orange Tones

Brown Lipstick

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