Each season, a team of experts from the Pantone Color Institute creates the “Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report” – a palette of trend colours that will be presented first in designer collections, and then in our wardrobe and the upcoming season. Colour in fashion has always played a dominant role because it is colour that has the greatest influence on our perception of this or that thing. And, judging by the fashionable colour palette of Spring-Summer 2019, we will enjoy not only the natural vitamin D, which we get from the sun but also optimistic, joyful and bright colours! Colours that lift the mood, which lead us along the path of creative and unexpected combinations. The fashionable colour palette pleases with bright colours and completely unexpected domination of fiery shades – perhaps, Panton has not yet offered such number of shades of yellow and red in one “palette”. According to experts of the Institute of Color, this is due to the desire to look to the future with hope and optimism. Joyful shades, uplifting colours – this is what the doctor ordered.

The bright dozen

Spring-Summer 2019 presents 12 primary colours of the season, as well as 4 classic neutral colours. In the fashionable 12, there was a place for both “pink peacock” and “pepper stalk” and even “blue princess”. The trendy colours of the Spring-Summer season of 2019 form palette that inspires confidence and gives vitality. It energizes and brings courage. Cheerful shades create a wide field for creativity. Bright, expressive tones will help to implement the most unexpected and bold experiments into reality. And, softer shades will balance the expression of the yellow-red gamut, which, by the way, occupies most of the trend palette.

Neutral four

The fashionable colour palette for the Spring-Summer season of 2019 from Patron Color Institute is very ambiguous. There are too many different semitones in it. On the one hand, there are many truly summer shades: yellow and orange. Also, there are several shades of the cold season. However, their goal is not to bring thinking about fall, but to show all the beauty of nature, that seems to come alive with the arrival of the first sun rays. To make fashionable colours better manifest themselves, four neutral shades are added to the main list. They serve as a base for colour combinations. Although they, too, can be absolutely chosen as independent, full-fledged shades. They were selected with consideration of the bright spring-summer range, which allowed designers a wide scope for creativity.













The main fashion trends of the season spring/summer 2019:

Citrus Shades

Blue Princess


Soft Pastel


Natural Chic

Three things in one

Dance aesthetics

Normandy Life

Dresses from scarfs


Mixed Prints


Dress “Mallet”


Costume with shorts

Extreme Mini

Shell Shape


Bicycle Shorts

Patch Pockets

Puffy Sleeves

Sharp Shoulders

Cargo Pants


Bermuda Pants

Trousers with slots


Boiled Denim



Black lace and mesh

Transparent Fabrics





Peas / Polka Dot

Small Strip


Creative Prints


Contrast Line

Monochrome Graphics

Original Design Shoes

Transparent Shoes

Fancy Heel

Micro Bags


Lush Bows

Decorative Chains




Makeup in Orange Tones

Brown Lipstick








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