What would you expect after the settling down of the dust from the fashion month? That stylists and designers would take a break to relax, right? Wrong! It is safe to say that the fashion ball will never stop rolling since the trend for summer this year is already out. Yes. And the best part is that we have researched to bring you the best yet.

So far, designers have been seen to not only incorporate innovation in their styles but also look back in time to borrow a leaf from their fashion books, and for this summer color is more than just a statement. Read on to find out what the fashion platform has offered for the summer this year.

Puff Sleeves

For a while, the sleeves have been given attention in the fashion industry, and the trend seems to become bolder by the season. Last season it was the bishop sleeves, but summer is making them puffier and unique. They come with a bold, rounded style and fitted cuff giving them a balloon look. You can be sure to stand out from the crowd with these sleeves since they are a sure way of attracting attention.

Huge Polka Dots

If there is one thing that was evident early on about the summer trend of this year was the boldness with which it would come. Almost everything seems to be on the enlargement scale, and the simple polka dots that you used to know are no exception. You will find these huge polka dots on dresses, skirts, tops or pants, and the good thing is that this fashion stands out as stylish and classy.

Check Print

In many instances, the checked print is associated with the cold season but the trend this summer is twisting things up a bit. Be sure to come across many checkered outfits combined with a number of other pieces for a stylish, chic look. One of the most popular piece of attire with this print is the blazers, and again, with statement shoulder pads. It works best on an oversized silhouette paired with skinny jeans or a dress.

Ruffle Dresses

As mentioned earlier, the summer trend this year is a little more generous on different outfits, and the dress gets a piece of the same. Dresses come with a lot more fabric addition and ruffles to make them flow, and you will agree that the designs are gorgeous. They are ideal for the casual weekends and the dinner outings with your girls, or a date.

Ski Sweaters

Ski sweaters are becoming more of an everyday thing than just for the cold days of winter, and to do that, designers had to do something about their design. This has contributed a lot to change the previous perception that ski sweaters are ugly to make them many people’s favorites. You will more likely find a variety of options, but you should consider picking the bold knitted patterns which sometimes come with logos on the shoulder and around the neck.

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