For many, shopping for shoes is the guilty pleasure that they just can’t shake off. After purchasing a sleek pair of shoes that caught their eyes, they realize that they don’t use it as much as they thought they would. However, the story is different for fashion enthusiasts who are always out to keep tabs on the current shoe trend, because they focus on functionality in addition to desire and beauty.

This year kicked off on a high note as far as shoe trends are concerned and from the various fashion weeks held so far, it is clear that the year has so much to offer. And if you are looking to stay in touch with modernity by elevating your style profile, here is a roundup of the fashion shoe trend of 2018.

  1. Sporty Sandals

The first on the list are sandals, but the trend in 2018 is presenting them in a different light – sporty sandals. There is no denying the ease and comfort that sandals bring not to mention how easily they combine with different outfits. They are your best bet for that easy weekend, casual outing with your friends and even for the beach. You want to be keen on the sporty aspect though to ensure that your sandals go well with the outfit that you choose.

  1. Futuristic Sneakers

This trend can be considered a spillover from 2017. The big brands like Nike and Adidas came out full force to produce stylish and trendy sneakers that took the market by a storm. From the name, you can tell that these sneakers are here to stay, and the manufacturer with better innovation will stand the test of time. To ensure that you rock in the right sneakers, you need to pay close attention to quality which, in many cases, will require you to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the purchase. The good thing is that you will have included a long-lasting trend in your shoe rack.

  1. Western Boots

Talk about versatility, and you will be talking about boots. 2018 has offered another platform for the Western Boots to keep trending since the fashion seems to be favorited by many. These shoes are comfortable and go well with virtually everything besides keeping you warm in the cold seasons of the year. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can be sure to find the pick that best goes with your style. Combine western leather boots with a sleek top and a jacket to rock that diva look.

  1. PVC Adorning

The other shoe trend of 2018 is the detailing of different shoes especially sandals and heels using PVC. They are designed to add a chic touch on the shoes with some used at the straps or the heels with beautiful adornments as well. If you are looking to expose your well-pedicured toes, a nice and simple kitchen heel with PVC detailing could do the magic. Better yet, they can go perfectly well with almost every outfit.

  1. Cool Dad Sneakers

Cool dad sneakers are among the shoes that have made it to almost all of the recent fashion trends, and 2018 is no exception. These shoes have a huge following, and their future looks bright. With cool dad sneakers, you are talking about brands like Reebok, New Balance, Fila, Adidas and EYTYS to name a few. Be experimental and try them out. When combined with the right outfit, you can be sure to rock a classic yet stylish look.

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