What is a color type?

Color type is a palette of colours that is suitable to a certain a person. This feature is taken as a basis for building a personal style (wardrobe) and image (hairstyle and makeup), as it is fully responsible for the formation of the entire palette of colors suitable for this type.
What advantages are to know your personal colour type?
Knowing your palette give at least 2 big advantages:
First. Easy to choose the color of clothes and accessories. This makes your shopping easier and quicker.
Second. Easy to combine items. When the wardrobe is built within a single palette, all things are fit to each other by colour.
You will easily navigate in a variety of shades of the same colour. And choose for yourself those shades that are right for you. You will be able to evaluate the colour characteristics and make the right choice.
Knowing these nuances of colour will help to show your natural beauty because correctly chosen colours will make the face fresh, rested and well-groomed, instantly will remove wrinkles, rejuvenate, “light up” your eyes, “turn on” the lips.
Many girls and women have experimentally found several colours (in which they are sure) and now their choice of clothes is limited within this set of shades.
As a consequence, their wardrobe (and images) look monotonous.
A girl or a woman does not have the opportunity to make up really diverse and vivid images. Can not show its natural beauty 100%. It’s good if this set of colours really suits her. The worst option is the situation when even these several shades do not correspond to its colour-type and the girl cannot understand why she never suits the resulting images.

Fashionolia has developed a detailed approach to colouring, which includes 12 seasons and allows us to more accurately determine your seasonal subtype and give only the recommendations you need for a colour palette for the basic wardrobe and for all other items of the wardrobe.

Getting a consultation is very simple:

  1. You send us your photo taken in daylight without make-up.
  2. Stylists will determine your colour type.
  3. We create a personal pdf album with palettes and colour recommendations for basic wardrobe and accessories.
  4. We also create 24 outfits examples for you

To get image consulting send your photo:


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