Hairstyle Trends 2018

Hairstyle Trends 2018

It is safe to say that 2017 was a good year for the hairstyle enthusiasts. It is not unusual for many people to look up to celebrities for hairstyle ideas, and now with the option of following their individual stylists on Instagram, there is so much to keep up with as far as hairstyle ideas are concerned. On the other hand, if mimicking celebrities is not your thing and prefer getting your cues from catwalks, then you need to keep reading this post.

The hairstyle trends of 2018 can be seen to borrow much from the past, and it won’t be the first time that we see the fashionistas looking back for inspiration. So, to make sure that you are not left behind on matters hairstyle for this year, here is a look at the trends that you want to learn about and stay ahead in terms of style and fashion.

The Fringe

One of the hairstyles that you shouldn’t expect to see exiting the platform of fashion is the fringe. The good thing is that you can have fun going experimental, and if you have tried it before, you know how rocking it can be. Also, if you have been tempted in the past to go the fringe route, this is the year to make that a reality and take the plunge. While there are a couple of fringes to try, you can try the DIY option if you feel brave enough.

Keeping It Short

Some call this style the boyish short, others, the supermodel short, but the point is the same. Many people don’t want to think about the idea of cutting their hair, but you might end up looking great. This style is from the 90s, and you are highly likely to see it on the next catwalk. If doing the cut yourself, you can seek references and guidance from supermodels’ pictures to get the length right.

The Humble Scrunchie

Do you remember the scrunchie? Yes, it is back – and this time with a bang. We started to see the possibility of the humble scrunchie making it to the runways in 2018 from late last year when Jen Atkin, one of the big names in hair fashion, launched a line of scrunchies. The changes to expect include in the way the accessory is done and worn. Get yourself a scrunchie and revive that style!

Go Natural and Big

If you are tired of the grungy strands, it is time to flaunt your natural spiral curls. The best way to do this is to go as big as you can and ensure that you maintain them with the right products. Again, this inspiration can be dated back but can also be considered an overflow of fashion from 2017. Use products such as dry shampoo, mousse, or hairspray.


The use of accessories on hair is one of the trends that cannot seem to lack in any season, and if you are a fan of the same, then you know what the right clips can do. The good thing about accessories is that it can be used by anyone regardless of the texture. For instance, you can use double barette just above each temple and rock the look.

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