Trends of the beach season 2018

Trends of the beach season 2018

Are you looking forward to the vacation and the opportunity to finally escape to the sea? Let’s look at the current beach trends 2018!

Swimsuits with fringe

Swimsuits with fridge will add dynamics to the image and with their help, it is possible to model a figure well and hide undesirable disadvantages. For example, such swimsuits will look good on the figures type “Rectangle” because they allow them to visually emphasize the waist, adding volume to the top and bottom of the figure. For women with a small breast: swimsuit with a fringe in the top part will help to make it visually bigger.


Also fringe will hide your tummy or full legs, which is suitable for a figure of type “Apple”:


Swimsuits with stripes


Sports swimwear and swimwear with logo

If you are a sports girl, then you might like a swimsuit in a fashionable sports style.


Swimsuits with tropical and floral prints

If you prefer swimwear in a romantic style, you can wear a trendy floral print.


Swimsuits with sequins and paillettes

For the bravest and extravagant girls will fit fashionable shiny swimsuits.


Asymmetrical swimsuits

Asymmetric swimsuits are also very fashionable and often decorated with flounces. They will suit girls with broad shoulders or small breasts since with the help you can shrink your shoulders and increase your breasts volume.


Swimwear in retro style

Such swimsuits have a high waist and can hide the tummy.


Closed swimsuits

The trend of 2018 is closed swimsuits, even with long sleeves. Open sexy swimsuits are no longer in fashion.


Top 5 Summer Accessories Trend 2018

Top 5 Summer Accessories Trend 2018

Besides getting your clothes right, the other thing that you can count on to bring out the best of your outfit is your collection of accessories. Accessories for many people include the very basic additions they can think of for their look, but it doesn’t have to be the case. The good thing is that you can choose to be experimental and find out that you have a number of them that work best for you.

How, then, do you ensure that you stay on trend with the best additions to your outfit? Well, my unwavering answer to this question is to stay updated on the fashion trends every time. To help you do precisely that, the following is a roundup of the top accessories to include on the shopping list for the summer.

Statement Earrings

Among the top things that people think about when talking about accessories are earrings, but this time you need to think beyond what you are used to. Statement bling earrings might have been a trend in the 80’s, but they are back with a bang. Summer accessories have again made it clear to many fashion enthusiasts that the platform will always be looking back for inspiration with these shoulder-grazing earrings. You might notice, however, that the size is becoming larger, but the idea remains the same.

Belt Bags

You must have noticed the growing popularity of belt bags and this fashion is spilling over to the next trend, summer is one of them. Perhaps it is their unique aesthetic or the practicality that they come with, but one thing is for sure – many people love the bags. You can be sure to add a glamorous touch to any outfit with these bags that come in all designs and styles from bum-bags to sleek volatile versions of the same.

Slim, Narrow and Sharp Sunglasses

Do you remember the movie Matrix? If you do, then you must have seen some sleek sunglasses with black pointy frames – they are trending this summer. These vintage sunglasses are the stylish way of protecting your eyes from the sun while reminiscing the classic movie. Expect to see celebrities and street fashionistas in these cool and chic shades. You want to add an on-trend accessory to your collection for your casual outfits but make sure that you choose quality.

Baker Boy Hats

If you thought that baker boy hats were a thing of the past, then you want to check the summer trend in 2018. They are back, and their chic and oozing cool design is something that you just cannot overlook. The best way to put on your baker boy hat is to pair it with jeans, dress or any other outfit that you would rock on your weekend out with friends.

Huge platform shoes

For those whose aim this season is not only to boost their looks but height as well, then the bold platform footwear is the way to go. It took off at a slow pace last year, and when celebrities put them on, you would only expect the fashion to do even better. They are chunky with a unique, chic addition to your outfit – like it was back in the ‘70s and the ‘90s. Think of it as a painless alternative to heels while rocking a classy casual look.

Fashion Trends to Keep Up with This Summer

Fashion Trends to Keep Up with This Summer

What would you expect after the settling down of the dust from the fashion month? That stylists and designers would take a break to relax, right? Wrong! It is safe to say that the fashion ball will never stop rolling since the trend for summer this year is already out. Yes. And the best part is that we have researched to bring you the best yet.

So far, designers have been seen to not only incorporate innovation in their styles but also look back in time to borrow a leaf from their fashion books, and for this summer color is more than just a statement. Read on to find out what the fashion platform has offered for the summer this year.

Puff Sleeves

For a while, the sleeves have been given attention in the fashion industry, and the trend seems to become bolder by the season. Last season it was the bishop sleeves, but summer is making them puffier and unique. They come with a bold, rounded style and fitted cuff giving them a balloon look. You can be sure to stand out from the crowd with these sleeves since they are a sure way of attracting attention.

Huge Polka Dots

If there is one thing that was evident early on about the summer trend of this year was the boldness with which it would come. Almost everything seems to be on the enlargement scale, and the simple polka dots that you used to know are no exception. You will find these huge polka dots on dresses, skirts, tops or pants, and the good thing is that this fashion stands out as stylish and classy.

Check Print

In many instances, the checked print is associated with the cold season but the trend this summer is twisting things up a bit. Be sure to come across many checkered outfits combined with a number of other pieces for a stylish, chic look. One of the most popular piece of attire with this print is the blazers, and again, with statement shoulder pads. It works best on an oversized silhouette paired with skinny jeans or a dress.

Ruffle Dresses

As mentioned earlier, the summer trend this year is a little more generous on different outfits, and the dress gets a piece of the same. Dresses come with a lot more fabric addition and ruffles to make them flow, and you will agree that the designs are gorgeous. They are ideal for the casual weekends and the dinner outings with your girls, or a date.

Ski Sweaters

Ski sweaters are becoming more of an everyday thing than just for the cold days of winter, and to do that, designers had to do something about their design. This has contributed a lot to change the previous perception that ski sweaters are ugly to make them many people’s favorites. You will more likely find a variety of options, but you should consider picking the bold knitted patterns which sometimes come with logos on the shoulder and around the neck.

Hairstyle Trends 2018

Hairstyle Trends 2018

It is safe to say that 2017 was a good year for the hairstyle enthusiasts. It is not unusual for many people to look up to celebrities for hairstyle ideas, and now with the option of following their individual stylists on Instagram, there is so much to keep up with as far as hairstyle ideas are concerned. On the other hand, if mimicking celebrities is not your thing and prefer getting your cues from catwalks, then you need to keep reading this post.

The hairstyle trends of 2018 can be seen to borrow much from the past, and it won’t be the first time that we see the fashionistas looking back for inspiration. So, to make sure that you are not left behind on matters hairstyle for this year, here is a look at the trends that you want to learn about and stay ahead in terms of style and fashion.

The Fringe

One of the hairstyles that you shouldn’t expect to see exiting the platform of fashion is the fringe. The good thing is that you can have fun going experimental, and if you have tried it before, you know how rocking it can be. Also, if you have been tempted in the past to go the fringe route, this is the year to make that a reality and take the plunge. While there are a couple of fringes to try, you can try the DIY option if you feel brave enough.

Keeping It Short

Some call this style the boyish short, others, the supermodel short, but the point is the same. Many people don’t want to think about the idea of cutting their hair, but you might end up looking great. This style is from the 90s, and you are highly likely to see it on the next catwalk. If doing the cut yourself, you can seek references and guidance from supermodels’ pictures to get the length right.

The Humble Scrunchie

Do you remember the scrunchie? Yes, it is back – and this time with a bang. We started to see the possibility of the humble scrunchie making it to the runways in 2018 from late last year when Jen Atkin, one of the big names in hair fashion, launched a line of scrunchies. The changes to expect include in the way the accessory is done and worn. Get yourself a scrunchie and revive that style!

Go Natural and Big

If you are tired of the grungy strands, it is time to flaunt your natural spiral curls. The best way to do this is to go as big as you can and ensure that you maintain them with the right products. Again, this inspiration can be dated back but can also be considered an overflow of fashion from 2017. Use products such as dry shampoo, mousse, or hairspray.


The use of accessories on hair is one of the trends that cannot seem to lack in any season, and if you are a fan of the same, then you know what the right clips can do. The good thing about accessories is that it can be used by anyone regardless of the texture. For instance, you can use double barette just above each temple and rock the look.

Fashion Shoes Trends 2018

Fashion Shoes Trends 2018

For many, shopping for shoes is the guilty pleasure that they just can’t shake off. After purchasing a sleek pair of shoes that caught their eyes, they realize that they don’t use it as much as they thought they would. However, the story is different for fashion enthusiasts who are always out to keep tabs on the current shoe trend, because they focus on functionality in addition to desire and beauty.

This year kicked off on a high note as far as shoe trends are concerned and from the various fashion weeks held so far, it is clear that the year has so much to offer. And if you are looking to stay in touch with modernity by elevating your style profile, here is a roundup of the fashion shoe trend of 2018.

  1. Sporty Sandals

The first on the list are sandals, but the trend in 2018 is presenting them in a different light – sporty sandals. There is no denying the ease and comfort that sandals bring not to mention how easily they combine with different outfits. They are your best bet for that easy weekend, casual outing with your friends and even for the beach. You want to be keen on the sporty aspect though to ensure that your sandals go well with the outfit that you choose.

  1. Futuristic Sneakers

This trend can be considered a spillover from 2017. The big brands like Nike and Adidas came out full force to produce stylish and trendy sneakers that took the market by a storm. From the name, you can tell that these sneakers are here to stay, and the manufacturer with better innovation will stand the test of time. To ensure that you rock in the right sneakers, you need to pay close attention to quality which, in many cases, will require you to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the purchase. The good thing is that you will have included a long-lasting trend in your shoe rack.

  1. Western Boots

Talk about versatility, and you will be talking about boots. 2018 has offered another platform for the Western Boots to keep trending since the fashion seems to be favorited by many. These shoes are comfortable and go well with virtually everything besides keeping you warm in the cold seasons of the year. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can be sure to find the pick that best goes with your style. Combine western leather boots with a sleek top and a jacket to rock that diva look.

  1. PVC Adorning

The other shoe trend of 2018 is the detailing of different shoes especially sandals and heels using PVC. They are designed to add a chic touch on the shoes with some used at the straps or the heels with beautiful adornments as well. If you are looking to expose your well-pedicured toes, a nice and simple kitchen heel with PVC detailing could do the magic. Better yet, they can go perfectly well with almost every outfit.

  1. Cool Dad Sneakers

Cool dad sneakers are among the shoes that have made it to almost all of the recent fashion trends, and 2018 is no exception. These shoes have a huge following, and their future looks bright. With cool dad sneakers, you are talking about brands like Reebok, New Balance, Fila, Adidas and EYTYS to name a few. Be experimental and try them out. When combined with the right outfit, you can be sure to rock a classic yet stylish look.

How to choose shoes that will fit to your figure type and make your legs to look more beautiful and what to avoid by choosing shoes? Read more.

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