Pretty little things – Les Nereides from Paris

Pretty little things – Les Nereides from Paris

Qualities That Make Les Néréides Jewelry Unique

Jewellery is an integral part of every woman’s accessory collection and to make sure that you are sufficiently stocked, a number of qualities need to be taken into consideration. The Les Néréides jewellery has been on the market for more than 20 years serving people all over the world. One thing that this collection of jewellery has achieved over the years if standing out from the rest to become one of the leading jewellery sellers in the world.


The Implication


Les Néréides Exoplanet Shell Branch of Coral and Stream on Chains Asymmetrical Earrings

Les Néréides Exoplanet Shell Branch of Coral and Stream on Chains Asymmetrical Earrings

This should tell you that Les Néréides offers something different from what other labels provide, don’t you think? Well, there definitely is, and uniqueness is on the top of the list. We all love putting on something unique, from the accessory to different outfits and if you are wondering what makes Les Néréides jewellery unique, we got the answer.

  • They are Versatile

In the realm of versatility, the Les Néréides jewellery reign superiority with no competition in sight. Are you looking for something to complement your casual outfit? Or one to go perfectly well with your formal wear? Les Néréides has something for you. Better yet, it is highly likely that you will get a piece which you can wear for any occasion.




  • They are Stylish with A Vintage Touch

You can never go wrong with a quality Les Néréides jewellery for any outfit thanks to their stylish designs. This has enabled them to carve a niche in the jewellery industry and to stay on top of its game. Moreover, these accessories come with a vintage early 80’s touch with which you can be sure to turn heads, all for the right reasons. This is attributed to the fact that the jewellery line first launched in 1980 carrying along the vintage touch ever since.

  • They are Chic

You get one piece of Les Néréides jewellery and you know that it was designed and crafted for the female. The finishing is perfect to bring out the best in you as a woman with unmatched intricacy. Whether you are buying necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or outlets, one thing is certain – that your piece will do you justice and radiate confidence and ambience of the woman you are.

Les Néréides From Paris with Love Eiffel Tower and Flowered Stone Clip Earrings

Les Néréides From Paris with Love Eiffel Tower and Flowered Stone Clip Earrings

  • They are Bold

If you are looking to stand out with the jewellery that you wear, then Les Néréides is the right place to look. This jewellery helps you to make a bold statement with any outfit that you combine it with regardless of the occasion.

To Sum It Up

You ask me; these are the qualities that make any piece of jewellery worth having in your collection since you can almost always rely on them to deliver nothing less than a perfect combination.

Top 5 Summer Accessories Trend 2018

Top 5 Summer Accessories Trend 2018

Besides getting your clothes right, the other thing that you can count on to bring out the best of your outfit is your collection of accessories. Accessories for many people include the very basic additions they can think of for their look, but it doesn’t have to be the case. The good thing is that you can choose to be experimental and find out that you have a number of them that work best for you.

How, then, do you ensure that you stay on trend with the best additions to your outfit? Well, my unwavering answer to this question is to stay updated on the fashion trends every time. To help you do precisely that, the following is a roundup of the top accessories to include on the shopping list for the summer.

Statement Earrings

Among the top things that people think about when talking about accessories are earrings, but this time you need to think beyond what you are used to. Statement bling earrings might have been a trend in the 80’s, but they are back with a bang. Summer accessories have again made it clear to many fashion enthusiasts that the platform will always be looking back for inspiration with these shoulder-grazing earrings. You might notice, however, that the size is becoming larger, but the idea remains the same.

Belt Bags

You must have noticed the growing popularity of belt bags and this fashion is spilling over to the next trend, summer is one of them. Perhaps it is their unique aesthetic or the practicality that they come with, but one thing is for sure – many people love the bags. You can be sure to add a glamorous touch to any outfit with these bags that come in all designs and styles from bum-bags to sleek volatile versions of the same.

Slim, Narrow and Sharp Sunglasses

Do you remember the movie Matrix? If you do, then you must have seen some sleek sunglasses with black pointy frames – they are trending this summer. These vintage sunglasses are the stylish way of protecting your eyes from the sun while reminiscing the classic movie. Expect to see celebrities and street fashionistas in these cool and chic shades. You want to add an on-trend accessory to your collection for your casual outfits but make sure that you choose quality.

Baker Boy Hats

If you thought that baker boy hats were a thing of the past, then you want to check the summer trend in 2018. They are back, and their chic and oozing cool design is something that you just cannot overlook. The best way to put on your baker boy hat is to pair it with jeans, dress or any other outfit that you would rock on your weekend out with friends.

Huge platform shoes

For those whose aim this season is not only to boost their looks but height as well, then the bold platform footwear is the way to go. It took off at a slow pace last year, and when celebrities put them on, you would only expect the fashion to do even better. They are chunky with a unique, chic addition to your outfit – like it was back in the ‘70s and the ‘90s. Think of it as a painless alternative to heels while rocking a classy casual look.

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